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Handgun Qualification License (HQL)

The Handgun Qualification License (HQL) is a license required for residents of the State of Maryland that wish to purchase a Regulated Firearm (handgun or firearms with a barrel less than 16″). The application is a stand alone web site, you will need to create an account used only for this site

Maryland Handgun Roster

Firearms manufactured after January 1, 1985 must be listed on the handgun roster in order to be sold or transferred to residents of the State of Maryland. To search for a firearm, click the link below, scroll down and use the section to the left labeled “Handgun Roster”. Start typing a manufacturer name, then select from the dropdown and view the listed models.

Designated Firearms Collector

A Designated Firearms Collector in the State of Maryland is able to purchase more than one regulated firearm at a time, and is not restricted to the 30 day wait period between purchases. You can download, complete and print the application and bring into the store. We will then notarize the application for and mail to the Firearms Division free of charge ! We also have printed copies in the store ready to be completed. Please note that you must have completed at least one 77R and taken possession of at least one regulated firearm for the application to be approved.

Apply to purchase a Regulated Firearm (77R)

The Maryland State Police Firearms Division Licensing Portal requires a unique account (separate from the account you created for your HQL). Once you create an account and login, use the “Apply to purchase a regulated firearm (77R)” button at the top right to start a 77R. A new application is required for every purchase, however multiple firearms can be placed on the same 77R if you are a Designated Collector. After the creation of a 77R you will receive an email stating that your application has been submitted to the pool. Please bring in the Application ID and PIN number from the email so we may fully submit the application for processing. .

CCW Safe, Concealed Carry, Home and LEO Insurance

Even if you don’t concealed carry, the use of a firearm for self-defense or to prevent a crime is a scary situation that will start a long process with law enforcement and possibly the court system. CCW Safe is an insurance policy so if the time comes when you must use a firearm, immediately call them, and you will have legal council and representation. The policy cost start at just $149/ year. Use the link below to learn more.

Guide for Appealing a Firearm Transfer Denial

If you believe you have been erroneously denied or have received an extended delay on a firearms transfer, you may request an appeal of your deny or delay decision. You may submit your request first to the agency that conducted the check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), i.e., either the state point of contact or the FBI. As an alternative to appealing directly through the processing agency, you may elect to submit your appeal request to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division’s NICS Section. You may challenge the accuracy of the record used as the basis for your denial or delay or submit your fingerprints to establish positive proof that you are not the same person as in the criminal history record used
as the basis for your denial or delay.