Ammo, Russia and your mom

As many people have heard by now , new sanctions were put on Russia to include banning the importation of arms and ammunition. Russian Ammo ? Yes, cheap steel. There’s a good bit of cheap steel that comes from Eastern European countries and Russia, but Russia provided a large supply. There was a run over the weekend of all steel cased ammo everywhere, and other ammo prices started to be affected as well – there is going to be some competition in the ammo space and it may get a little more scarce for some time, with price hikes according.

I’m not saying you should panic buy and stock up. Always look for the best deal, shop around – and stack deep when it’s cheap.

There are I’ll be many more opportunities this year to get steel cased ammo, but we anticipate seeing the prices being jacked up to double where they should be or more. Steel cased ammo also sets a price for what people are willing to pay for brass cased ammo. For example, why would you pay $2 a round for brass when you can shoot steel for $.30 per round ? Well if steel goes up to $.60 a round or higher, you better believe the brass cased ammo will sustain at over $1 a round. Don’t give in to price gauging, don’t pay more than the fair value for steel cased ammo, and hopefully enough people keep this in mind and force the prices back down.

And about your mom … don’t let her be a sucker for expensive ammo. Educate each other and work together.

We carry ammo whenever we can sell it at what we believe is a reasonable price but we won’t give in to the price gouging. We currently have a couple different flavors of 223/556 by the box, 9mm hollow points , more 9mm brass on the way and a couple other odds and ends.

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